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Episode #7: David Ireland

March 15, 2021 John T Maier Season 1 Episode 7
The Anomalous Mind
Episode #7: David Ireland
Show Notes

Dr. David Ireland is a Senior Research Scientist at at the Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO.  He does research on a broad range of issues, from therapeutic technology for speech and language disorders to the general theory of AI. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering and Computer Science from Griffith University.

About David Ireland:

Profile at CSIRO
Research page on Google Scholar

Papers, posts, and videos:

Hello Harlie: Enabling Speech Monitoring Through Chat-Bot Conversations
D Ireland, C Atay, J Liddle, D Bradford, H Lee, O Rushin, T Mullins, D Angus, J Wiles, S McBride, A Vogel

Video: Harlie small-talk

Designing a Chatbot for Non-Verbal Children on the Autism Spectrum
A Cooper, D Ireland

Pain ROADMAP: A Mobile Platform to Support Activity Pacing for Chronic Pain
D Ireland, N Andrews

Introducing Edna: A trainee chatbot designed to support communication about additional (secondary) genomic findings
D Ireland, DK Bradford, E Szepe, E Lynch, M Martyn, D Hansen, C Gaff

The Future of Chatbots Is More Than Just Small-Talk
D Ireland, C Atay, J Liddle

Aristotle and the Chatbot
D Ireland, DK Bradford

Video: Simple Logic Reasoning and Sentence Semantics

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