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Episode #8: Michael Levin

March 22, 2021 John T Maier Season 1 Episode 8
The Anomalous Mind
Episode #8: Michael Levin
Show Notes

Dr. Michael Levin is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Utah State University. He is a leading researcher on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and has been an innovator in developing web and mobile-based ACT interventions. He is co-Director (with Dr. Michael Twohig) of the ACT Research Group at Utah State. He received his PhD from University of Nevado, Reno under the direction of Steven Hayes.

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ACT Research Group at Utah State
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Articles discussed in this episode:

"Feasibility of a Prototype Web-Based Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Prevention Program for College Students"
ME Levin, J Pistorello, JR Seeley, SC Hayes

"Does self-help increase rates of help seeking for student mental health problems by minimizing stigma as a barrier?"
ME Levin, J Krafft, C Levin

"Cognitive behavioral mobile applications: clinical studies, marketplace overview, and research agenda"
J Torous, ME Levin, DK Ahern, ML Oser

"When is online pornography viewing problematic among college males? Examining the moderating role of experiential avoidance"
ME Levin, J Lillis, SC Hayes

"Beyond Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Process-Based Therapy"
CW Ong, ME Levin, MP Twohig

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