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Episode #11: Andrea Niles

April 12, 2021 John T Maier Season 1 Episode 11
The Anomalous Mind
Episode #11: Andrea Niles
Show Notes

Dr. Andrea Niles is the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Youper AI. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the UCLA and is the author of a number of widely-cited articles on anxiety disorders and their treatment. She is also the founder of Digital Mental Health Hub, a community for connecting professionals working in digital mental health.

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Twitter: @PsychNiles

Publications Discussed in this Episode:

Examining the reach of smartphone apps for depression and anxiety
Wasil, A. R., Gillespie, S., Shingleton, R., Wilks, C. R., & Weisz, J. R.

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental Health among 157,213 Americans
JS Yarrington, Ja Lasser, D Garcia, JH Vargas, DD Couto, T Marafon, MG Craske, AN Niles

Randomized controlled trial of expressive writing for psychological and physical health: the moderating role of emotional expressivity
AN Niles, KEB Haltom, CM Mulvenna, MD Lieberman, AL Stanton

Cognitive mediators of treatment for social anxiety disorder: Comparing acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy
AN Niles, LJ Burklund, JJ Arch, MD Lieberman, D Saxbe, MG Craske

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