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Episode #15: Elizabeth Eikey

May 10, 2021 John T Maier Season 1 Episode 15
The Anomalous Mind
Episode #15: Elizabeth Eikey
Show Notes

Elizabeth Eikey is an Assistant Professor in the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science as well as The Design Lab at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).  In addition, she is the Director of the Mental Health in Design Lab and the Assistant Director of the iSchool Inclusion Institute. She holds a Ph.D in Information Sciences and Technology from Penn State.   

About Elizabeth Eikey:

Google Scholar: Elizabeth V. Eikey, PhD
Twitter: @eveikey

Selected research:

It's Definitely Been a Journey: A Qualitative Study on How Women with Eating Disorders Use Weight Loss Apps
EV Eikey, MC Reddy

Do Recovery Apps Even Exist?: Why College Women with Eating Disorders Use (But Not Recommend) Diet and Fitness Apps Over Recovery Apps
EV Eikey, Y Chen, K Zheng

Recovery and maintenance: How women with eating disorders use Instagram
EV Eikey, KM Booth

Barriers to and Facilitators of User Engagement With Digital Mental Health Interventions: Systematic Review
J Borghouts, EV Eikey, G Mark, C De Leon, SM Schueller, M Schneider, N Stadnick, K Zheng, D Mukamel, DH Sorkin

Examining the Role of Collaboration in Studies of Health Information Technologies in Biomedical Informatics: A Systematic Review of 25 Years of Research
EV Eikey, MC Reddy, CE Kuziemsky

Designing for privacy management in hospitals: Understanding the gap between user activities and IT staff’s understandings
EV Eikey, AR Murphy, MC Reddy, H Xu

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